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Get Ahead Kids - Vol. 5, No. 5 - September/October 2013

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2014 Brings Forward New Beginnings

By Alan Stevens

The 2013 school year is almost over. For some this means a new school or a new class next year.

For others it means a new beginning as they enter the workforce.

Whichever the case, there will be many new uncertainties. Dealing with the expectations of parents, teachers, workmates and employers, at one level or another, will test every student as the New Year starts.

New classmates, unfamiliar schools, TAFE or Universities; all with different routines and new expectations will have their own pressures.

For those starting a career there will be demands of a very new type awaiting them.

The summer break is the best time to start prepare for the New Year ahead.

For those going from being a senior in primary school to being the "new kid on the block" in high school can be exciting, but it can also be very daunting. Meeting new class mates can challenge the student's confidence levels and make the building of new relationships a "hit or miss" proposition, raising many questions for them. Questions like "will the other kids like me", "will I get on with them". The need for being liked has become the greatest worry for these kids. Learning about themselves; understanding their own personalities and what pushes their buttons is the first step to dealing with difficult new classmates and unfamiliar situations. What better time to learn about this than over the Christmas holidays.

For those moving into their senior year, it's not only a time of new responsibilities, it is also a time for choosing a career direction. There is so much to be considered before taking on further studies or going out and joining the workforce. Before the New Year starts, take the time to consider the things you like to do, the activities you enjoy, and look through the Job Guide. Look at the personal requirements of each career and find the ones that will let you feel the way you would prefer to feel on a daily basis. This way you will find careers and jobs that fit your personality and you can choose subjects that will prepare you for your career. You will also have found subjects you'll enjoy learning, making the coming years more enjoyable.

Going into (or thinking about going into) the workforce also has a number of issues.

The Australian Human Resources Institute recently stated that 82% of people don't enjoy their work. The October 2012 Parliamentary report recorded workplace bullying to be at an all time high with as many as 1 in 3 people reporting being bullied in the workplace.

I couldn't imagine anything worse than being bullied and feeling stuck while doing work I didn't enjoy. Find yourself a guide, a coach who can help you deal with those issues before they arise. Take the summer period to understand your personality traits, protecting yourself from bullies and creating the future that you will enjoy.


  • Students going into Year 7 need to prepare for a new environment & friends
  • Year 12 students need to plan for further education, travel or the workforce
  • Research what you want from work & what you are prepared to sacrifice

About Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens, the Face Profiler, is a coach and trainer in the Art of Reading People, based in Newcastle NSW. He has developed Social Emotional Learning programs for school teachers and corporations including programs to recognise what other people are not telling you, what they are concealing, and how they are likely to behave in any situation. His programs are delivered locally in schools and to businesses locally and internationally through the internet. He was described by the Newcastle Herald as "The Mentalist meets Dr. Phil meets Dr. Cal Lightman from Lie To Me", and his passion is to share these skills throughout the community. To find our how other people see you and how to recognise what makes other people tick, contact Alan now.

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