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Get Ahead Kids - Vol. 5, No. 1 - January/February 2013

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The Importance of Enrolling Kids in School Sports

By Ben Day & Mike Griffin

Organised sports and school sports, are great ways to enhance the development of children. Every year parents are faced with choices and opportunities for their children and opportunities for organised sport and games played at school roll around every year. These can present as a dilemma for any number of reasons including cost, time, and needs.

We advocate active participation in sports and games for the long term benefit of children. Our mantra is that; "Kids Love to Play, So Let's Guide Them!"

As with anything, we are often bombarded with negative elements, and sport is no different. We sometimes see the 'win-at-all costs mentality' in junior sporting ranks and this can impact a parent's perception of sport in general. It is essential that in early days, kids learn good technique, and have fun. They have to enjoy the game they are playing.

A kick in the park with Dad or Mum is often the most fun for a child. But as they grow, the games they play become more serious and structured, as do their lives.

Skills learned in early sporting development can influence children's entire lives. Confidence and fair play, teamwork and team spirit are essential human traits that are all part of the sporting endeavour.

Often, parents encourage children to follow in their own sporting history and preferences. For some children it may mean they play the sport their parents played (or still play). For others, that means no sport at all.

Parents have an opportunity to encourage their children to have an active and healthy lifestyle. They make choices for their children from the food they eat, to the drinks they drink. But if parents choose for them to play sport and promote an active and healthy lifestyle, they are on a winning streak for life.

Buying a bicycle for your children isn't enough. You need to encourage them. In addition parents need to set a good example. It's heart-warming to see families out for a cycle together.

Enrolling kids in school sport offers huge long term benefits, including the opportunity to mix in a relaxed and fun way with kids they might not always play with.

Plenty of kids will make friends for life from sport and also take these into adulthood, building important networks and social groups, and developing an active lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

About GriffinDay Publishing & Play Valley Kids

GriffinDay Publishing founders, Mike Griffin and Ben Day developed the idea of children's sporting books that use fun, engaging stories combined with basic but expert tips to get child and parent to not only read together but to also encourage play and physical activity.

They partnered with leading National Sporting Organisations such as Tennis Australia and Cycling Australia to incorporate basic skill elements into each story.

With backgrounds in physical education, junior sports coaching, literature, marketing and of course self-taught parenting, Ben and Mike are using their experiences to help other young parents and children explore the many benefits of participation in sport and physical activity.

More Information

Ben Day & Mike Griffin
Directors, GriffinDay Publishing


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