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Get Ahead Kids - Vol. 3, No. 6 - November/December 2011

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To Read or Not to Read during the Summer Holidays

By Amanda Tocci

We all love a holiday, to kick back in the sun, relax and most importantly escape the dreaded routine of lost school socks, homework deadlines and rushing for the departing bus. However should we holiday from reading? Sorry kids but the simple answer is NO.

Reading is a skill that not only needs to be developed but nurtured and nurtured with consistency. If your child has reading difficulties then reading does not take a holiday. Find a way to make reading fun, a way to make your child think that they are not really reading...but you will know better.

Holiday Reading Suggestions

  • Read to your child for 10 minutes each night
  • Make night time stories relevant to Christmas or a holiday you may be taking
  • Read travel brochures or search the internet for holiday ideas
  • Write Christmas stories or Christmas cards
  • Write a Christmas present/grocery list & have your child read it to you when you are shopping
  • Get your child to read the Christmas tags on gifts at Christmas parties
  • Make a Christmas play-your child acts as the narrator of the story while other family members act
  • Video record a Christmas message your child reads
  • Write a list of 10 things your child loves to do-make up a story or find one that is ability appropriate for your child-surprise them with a story they read each night on things that interest them
  • Go to the library & get your child to choose a book that is ability appropriate-they read a page to you each night

These are just a few suggestions, which will keep up your child's reading during the holidays. Holiday reading is meant to be a break from structured school based reading but it is not a break from the enjoyment of reading. So kick back in the sun, relax and escape the dreaded routine of lost socks, homework deadlines and rushing for the departing bus. Relish your time with your child and share the joy of reading.

About Amanda

Amanda Tocci is a Literacy Specialist and Managing Director of the Australian Literacy Clinic Pty Ltd. Amanda is currently undertaking her PhD in Psychology at Newcastle University, investigating appropriate strategy instruction for children with working memory and reading disabilities. The Australian Literacy Clinic Pty Ltd is a specialist centre located in Maitland and Newcastle, working with families and schools in assessment, planning and intervention for children with reading difficulties.

If you would like a Reading Checklist then please visit If you would like to post a comment then please do so at

More Information

Amanda Tocci
Managing Director & Literacy Specialist
Australian Literacy Clinic Pty Ltd.
P: 1300 869 905


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