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March/April 2014
Physical Education

Celebrity Spotlight:
Hayley Lewis

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Physical Education Special

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Clumsiness & Visual Perception Difficulties Clumsiness & Visual Perception Difficulties
Dr. Joan Brien

If your child is clumsy, he or she may have a problem with their visual... More

The Art of Play The Art of Play
Dorte Bladt

When little Anna came in for her check-up the other day, it was like meeting Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. She... More

Finding Physical Activities that Kids Enjoy
Finding Physical Activities that Kids Enjoy
Alan Stevens

We all know that families need exercise and physical activity to balance... More

You Are Your Body
You Are Your Body
Michelle Lee

Have you ever wondered why we can read so much from someone's body shape, posture and movements.... More

Impact of Physical Activities on Teens Impact of Physical Activities on Teens
Marina Passalaris

Being active is an important part of a teen's daily routine. It's a great... More



Why Kindness Should Be Taught in Schools

Why Kindness Should Be Taught in Schools
Lisa Currie

Most people have heard the... More

How to Get Your Family Eating More Veggies How to Get Your Family Eating More Veggies
Sarah Wilson

We all know eating a wide variety of vegetables is vital for good health... More

Children's Stress & the Heart-Brain Connection Children's Stress & the Heart-Brain Connection
Shelley Davidow

As parents we all want our kids to become smart, well-adjusted.... More

Skin Burns Skin Burns
Dr. Shen Satkunarasa

EA burn is an injury to the skin. It can be caused by heat, cold, electricity, chemicals and radiation... More


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